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We offer live sport streaming and highlight reel services, contact us now to find out more.

Who we are

True sport is a video Production company that is driven by innovation to produce Affordable, High-quality live streaming and video productions.
We believe that live streaming is an essential part of modern sport brands and gives exposure to upcoming sport stars.
We are a community of sport fans, software developers and video producers that have a passion for creative content that grows South African sport.

Our solution

What we do

We do live streaming and highlights packages for sport events including but not limited to golf, cycling and motorsport. We use innovative software and techniques to create a high-quality video production with scoring graphics, drone footage, Onboard cameras, ball tracers, sponsor logos and more. We generate massive amounts of content, which puts us in a position to assist with your social media as well.

We offer affordable, high-quality, video production.

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